Travis Living Introduction

Who is -- What is Travis Living


Travis Living is not a person but an acronym-meaning-lifestyle & living motto


Acronym: [trav-is-liv-ing l]  

"Traveling is Living"

Travis Living  


Journeys together build bonds that last forever

Travis Living is a tale of a journey


Our story is of a Father & Son  

From separation to restoration to collaboration

To the birth of a lifestyle motto & new living brand creation


When life tries to beat you up

Separate you or take from you

Fight back recreate map-out & script your own life’s journeys


This is the meaning of “Traveling” to us

Not only by plane or ship but “Traveling” well thru life’s journeys

By creating-editing & re-creating your own paths


Never giving up by accepting circumstances

Taking life by the horns to rebuild-redesign

Creating your own life’s journey


...Then Just Go...


This is our new Life’s Motto

In Living brand creation thru Travis Living


Our Gift to you...

Carefully created and crafted

Shared & dedicated to all in this mission

Of recreating our own new living paths

With a Lifelong Pact for a Lifelong Journey

It’s your world - our world - Join us together by representing in creating our own life’s journeys


“Traveling is Living”   

Travis Living  

We are located in the fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles

Travel to several countries building allies & partnerships


We welcome all members

International Partnerships - Affiliate Marketing - Wholesale drops

Thank you for joining the mission united in creating our own paths & journeys

“Traveling is Living”   

Travis Living  

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